the fastest way to shape your body - guaranteed!

Callanetics delivers impressive results in an impressively short time. Take a look at the pictures below and see what was possible in only 19 hours of the original program



  1st Class 19th Class 1st Class 19th Class

un-retouched photos from Callan Pickney's book, 'CALLANETICS - 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours'

If you are familiar with the pictures above and how effectively and quickly callanetics shapes the body then you will be extremely happy to know that that new callanetics is even better.

Keeping the traditional callanetics pulsing of contracted muscles we have now added in pelvic floor stability, anatomically correct alignment of the body and feet and movements that work the limbs in rotational spiral movements to work deeper muscles more effectively. These additions have created an even more powerful body shaping system.

For those of you new to callanetics, you are in for a real treat. I don't believe anything shapes the body as fast as these routines. I absolutely love them and I am sure you will too. This is a routine that delivers maximum results in minimum time. No hype - no bullshit. You do get results.


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My Callanetics story

My name is Tracey Habron, and that's me at the top of the page.

I am not your average, spring chicken, super slim exercise instructor. I am in my mid-40's and carrying a few extra kilos.

I may be a little on the bigger side compared to those young, skinny instructors but I am toned and nothing wobbles. Well, not exactly true - my boobs jiggle if I don't wear a bra and dance about!

I have a slim waist and a butt that is bigger but firm and high and round and I have curves in all the right places...and I like the way I look. 

When I teach and work, I see much younger, slimmer women walking about with their wobbly, saggy butts so I really know it is about shape and tone, not about size.

Give me bigger and shapely and firm any day over skinny, saggy and wobbly...

I have Callanetics to thank for my shape. Never again will I be a slave to aerobics or the gym for hours when I can get better results in just a fraction of the time!


has shaped my body more in 8 weeks than Pilates has in 3 years



I first discovered Callanetics when I lived in South Africa in my late 20's. I was 85 kilos at the time (that's 187 pounds for those that aren't metric) and I wasn't exactly in good shape. As soon as I started I knew I had found an exercise style that suited my body.

After only a few sessions, I started to see amazing results. After a few weeks I had dropped a dress size and after a few months I had dropped 2 dress sizes.

But get this......

I didn't drop any weight!!

I was so firm and shapely I started wearing a bikini - and my cellulite improved heaps.

The additional bonus was that my back pain disappeared!!

When I was 19 years old and for years after that I had a sore back almost daily. I didn't let it stop me doing anything but there were days when I would get home from work, lie on my bed for a while to let my back relax and almost cry as the muscles relaxed. 

Then I started Callanetics and the pain disappeared as my body shaped changed. It was wonderful.

Callanetics was initially designed to help people with back and hip pain with Callan Pinckney writing the book 'Callanetics for your back' so it shouldn't have been surprise that my back pain disappeared.

I had forgotten about the back pain (as you do when you are no longer in pain) when I had a c-section operation a few years ago and was advised not to exercise for 4 weeks.

Halfway through week three, the back pain returned. I couldn't understand what I had done to hurt my back. Then 2 weeks later, I started to teach again and like magic, the back pain disappeared again. Then I remembered that back pain used to be a normal part of my life - not any more..........thanks to Callanetics.


Callanetics is the only thing that has ever changed my shape. 
Other programs help me lose weight, but they leave me with the same shape.




If you really are looking for results then this is the program for you.

If you aren't serious about improving your shape, flexibility and strength, just carry on surfing the net - you won't find an honest program that really delivers guaranteed results like Callanetics.


What makes Callanetics so special?

You mean apart from the fact that it is simple, you don't have to exercise for hours, it requires no equipment, can be done in a small space and delivers results? 

OK. We are talking about body toning here, not cardio or aerobic exercise so we can't compare it to running or aerobics. We need to compare it to something like weight training. 

Think about lifting a weight in your hand. You bend the elbow, contracting the muscle in your upper arm (your bicep), then you relax the it. You continually contract and relax the muscle. Now, what if we just contracted the muscle really tightly with no weights in the hand.  

Go on. Try it. Pretend you are showing someone your muscles. Bend your elbow, raise your elbow level with your shoulder. Now contract your bicep muscle in the top of your arm. Show me your best muscle-man pose....


  Don't stop even it hurting yet...?

  Is your hand beginning to   shake......? 

  Ok....relax.....very gently....can you feel how tough that is..? 

Callanetics is based on that type of muscle contraction - called an isometric contraction. It is very effective and Callan Pinckney bought that to the world over 20 years ago. Is is as effective then as it is now.

Now, think about holding that muscle contraction in your bicep and just moving your hand 1cm in a pulse type movement.  

Give it a go. Get back into your muscle-man contract the bicep....harder....excellent... 

Now, hold the pose while moving your hand back and forward one cm without losing the should really feel it now...gently relax the muscle and bring your arm down... 

That is the basis of Callanetics. To really put all the effort into contracting and really working the muscle instead of wasting time between contracting and relaxing. with Callanetics it is all contracting so the working of the muscle is 60 to 90 seconds......yes work up to it but if you go over 90 seconds, you are not contracting hard enough. 

It can be hard to comprehend at first but get this - the more advanced you are, the shorter your workouts. I have been teaching for a few years now and I am quite strong. When I work on my own, I can work out the muscle in 30 seconds. It is really tough, it hurts and I have been known to swear, but for 30 seconds, I can do it - especially for the results I get. 

Now, to prevent the muscles becoming short and bulky like a weight lifter, we then stretch out the muscle. The stretch is held held for up to 90 seconds. It hurts a little because you work at the stretch but it feels soooo good. 

In a nutshell, this is Callanetics.

And then along came new rotational and spiralling Callanetics.

And the program got even better. 

It all started with posture and the feet. After all, if your feet are not aligned correctly, then the rest of you is out of whack. So, we learned to place the feet correctly and stand with soft knees. Add in some pelvic floor core stability and a relaxed but elongated spine and you start to see even more results. 

It is totally weird but if you are doing a Callanetics exercise you find you sometimes lift your big toe off the floor because it is easier. Just by putting the toe on the floor makes it that little bit more difficult and delivers greater results. 

My favourite is the pelvic floor core stability. Learning to add that into my exercise program really upped the intensity level for me and I noticed how much more effective the exercises became. Such a small amount of effort required to deliver much greater results.

Once you master this technique, you can apply it to any exercises you do to increase the intensity and achieve greater results.

The final addition to the new program was the rotational or spiral movements.

Not only can you bend your knees and elbows but you can twist or rotate your arms and legs. The rotation is provided by muscles deeper within the body.

Now we not only work the more superficial muscles but the deeper muscles as well - with the same Callanetics contractions and pulses. This delivers even more impressive results. 


Thank you for finding the waist I lost 6 years ago! I now have two beautiful children
AND my pre-baby shape. I started your Callanetics program to give my body a
workout without hurting my shins; in the 3 months prior to beginning Callanetics
 I had seriously injured my shoulders in a triathlon and had recurring shin splints.
Although I was carrying some injuries I was reasonably fit and not prepared
for the entire reshape I was about to enjoy.

Now I have a tight tummy, an hour-glass shape that had been gone so long I had
forgotten about it, muscles in my arms and I am much more toned and flexible.

I feel good, I look great, I’m strong and I have loads of energy. Now I run and swim
with more ease than ever and, incredibly,  all of this took only 9 weeks.
If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t believe it.
Thank you, this works like magic!

Rebecca R



A Mini-Max program

This is my pet-name for describing Callanetics - minimum time & effort, maximum benefit!

After all, you are a busy woman.

You don't have time to waste doing exercise that isn't delivering results quickly.

So how often should you work out?

How often you work out depends on what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to achieve it.

I don't subscribe to hours and hours of exercise.

I subscribe to doing the minimum I have to do to look good.

As I have said - I am not a model. I am in my mid-40's. I like how I look and I am happy with my shape thanks to Callanetics. I am not perfect - whatever perfect is! The only perfect I know is that I can sometimes be perfectly lazy!

Sure, I could do more, diet more, workout out more and get the full six pack ab look......but I don't want to. I don't want to put in all that effort and I don't like the ripped six pack look on a woman. I like looking like a woman! I like my 'half' six pack!

I only do 45 minutes twice a week. That's about 20 minutes exercise and 25 minutes stretching. I don't have time for more.

When I was really out of shape, I did Callanetics every second day for about 50 minutes but now it is just twice a week. It is enough to keep my figure toned.

I enjoy doing Callanetics with a few people and catching up with what's happening in people's lives. I recommend you get together with a friend - it is more fun when you have a workout buddy and you are less likely to skip exercise when you have a friend waiting for you!

This is a video of me teaching Callanetics in my home.
It will give you an idea of the exercise style.   
It is not an extract off the DVDs - I am not featured on the DVDs.
I had to laugh when I saw the colour of the soles of my feet!


Check out the Benefits

  Improved Posture

  Improved Flexibility

  Increased Strength

  Increased Energy

  Increased Agility

  Reduced back and Hip Pain

  Stronger pelvic Floor

  Flatter Tummy

  Longer, Leaner Torso

  More Defined Waist

  Slimmer Hips and Thighs


                     And a Better Butt

I absolutely stand by Callanetics as an exercise program that really delivers results.

I know it really shapes the body and as you can't come to my class, the next best thing I can offer you is the DVDs I use.

What's with the guarantee?

I stand behind this exercise program 100% and want you to be a satisfied customer.

I know Callanetics works. It has worked for me and for many other people.

Here is my 'No Weasel' guarantee to you

If you buy the DVDs and you do the exercises for a total of
three hours a week for 8 weeks without gaining weight
and you do not notice a change in your body shape,
then you can post the DVDs back for a full refund.
If you buy them and feel this program is not for you,
then you can also send them back for a refund.


Of course, you can't do this program, eat like a pig, gain 10 pounds and think you are going to look fabulous!!

Let's be real!

So I will ask that you be honest, weigh and measure yourself before you begin the program so have a definite starting point as a reference.

You don't have to limit yourself to three hours a week either. You can do 6 one hour workouts a week. It is good to rest your body at least once a week. You live in your body - in a way, it is your home - treat it with care and respect!


I have been raving to people about Callanetics. I am doing the 1 hour 3x weekly,
and otherwise just stretches etc but I am feeling bendy like elastic, and have
muscles I didn't even know about. I have been trying to lose weight, and have
managed a drop nearly 10kg in the past 2 months, YAY me!!! and yay callanetics.

Tracey thank you so much for the credit on my card - I didn't even think about it,
but your exemplary customer service is very much appreciated

Lynda G



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